CMI Solution
New features

CMI develops and delivers a global platform to stabilize and maximize colour output of digital printers. Our service optimizes colour print reproduction and maintains it, empowering the printer to produce predictable and repeatable colour quality, this via an easy understandable process.

Efficient business needs on the production floor effective process control. Adoption of LEAN methodologies has given many businesses the competitive edge and growth. CMI delivers the Lean QC method what is 1:1 with users production method.

CMI's lean method is based on Verify, Optimize and Analyze steps. These easy-to-use steps guarantee maximum colour quality and avoids unnecessary remakes, extra time and negative effects to the investments


Colour printing is a manufacturing process, where one of the key attributes is colour management. Variations in a production process effect the visual output and needs to be fast observed to optimize it efficient. This service is delivered by CMI to achieve steady high quality output between jobs and devices.

Traditional tools and services have proven to be expensive, overly engineered, and frustrating to operate. CMI achieved to solve this via a very intuitive cloud based solution so that any operator can maintain its environment via understandable steps.

CMI ASPColourManagement.com is even more than traditional colour management software it is a full “printer control system”, to guarantee 24/7 stable output.

    Keep and grow a happy customer base
  • Reduce waste
  • Increase up time
  • Minimum human resources
  • Control your Colour reproduction

CMI Hybrid Rendering Intent TM.
This tool is a novel approach to print again higher quality output via color management and invented by CMI. Super for Graphic Art and Photo books.
Download the manual.

  • It is a mix of rendering intents
  • No more issues with Optical Brighteners
  • It is to simulate G7 appearance on a digital device (not possible before)
  • Super natural gray balance
  • Improves simulating Skin Tones
  • Improves High Light color
  • Better contrast in shadow areas
  • Simulates the total dynamic range of any simulation profile
  • Optimize personal IQ with Brightness and Contrast sliders

Create a Custom Source Profile
It is asked many times to build a simple method to create a traditional offset source profile what can be used to be simulated in digital. Here you go! Digital printers simulates any traditional offset process.
Download the App manual "Create a Source Profile" for instructions. Of course it is allowed to contact us upfront for support too, we understand your questions.